99-01 An attorney may list a non-lawyer nurse or paralegal who is an employee with appropriate credentials on firm letterhead so long as it shows non-lawyer status and is not false or misleading; however, the listing on the firm’s letterhead of a non-lawyer nurse, paralegal or another attorney who is an independent contractor to the firm and may hold other employment would appear to mislead the public as to the relationship between the firm and non-lawyer and is prohibited.

93-05 With appropriate safeguards in place, an attorney may participate in a business association which provides mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution services, independent of his or her law practice.

92-02The lawyer who performs statutory duties as an assistant judge: (1) should not practice law in the court, hearing rooms and chambers where the lawyer sits as judge; (2) should not practice law in a court where the nonjudicial duties and responsibilities make that lawyer a functioning member of the court and affects that lawyer’s independent judgment and/or creates an appearance of impropriety. In addition, when that lawyer is disqualified from providing representation to a particular client or in a particular court, all lawyers affiliated with that lawyer are disqualified to the same extent.

80-12 Attorney incorporating with clinical social worker for performing family separation and divorce mediation services

79-22 Attorney sharing law offices who are not and do not hold themselves out to be partners of associates

79-09 Simple fact of membership by law firm as associate member in the organization or by representation by such firm of other members of the organization

79-06 Attorney representing client in litigation involving legal document prepared by the attorney where an adverse party was neither represented by independent counsel at time document was prepared nor clearly advised by the attorney to obtain representation

77-01 Participation in an umbrella law firm