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    It's time to honor Bob; RSVP today!

    It’s time to honor Bob!  The RSVP deadline for Bob Paolini’s July 31, 2016 VBF benefit PARTY at Button Bay State Park is July 22, 2016.  Let’s show Bob how much we appreciate his tireless work for the VBA and the Vermont Bar Foundation over his 20-year tenure.  The VBA, VBF, poverty law fellow and access to justice programs would not be what they are today without Bob’s vision, energy and devotion.  Time to give back and PARTY!  The event of the season will have a chicken and ribs barbecue with live music from the Usual Suspects, plenty of outdoor activities and, of course, Bob!

    Click HERE and RSVP today! 

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    VBA Blawg this week -- Everybody needs a HUG!

    Coming soon -- our Higher Logic online communities which will be a Y-UGE improvement over our current listserves.   Our staff is working closely with Higher Logic in their Higher Logic User Groups (called “HUGS”) to set up the best user experience possible. Without giving too much away before the “big reveal,” keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to VBA Connect!  Read on!

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    Legal Services Corporation Board Meets in Vermont --Gives awards to Vermont attorneys.

    Based in Washington, D.C., the LSC Board of Directors holds its quarterly Board meetings at different locations around the country, and met for the first time in Vermont this week.  In conjunction with its Board meeting, the LSC organized a full day of presentations that featured many government and Judicial leaders in the access to justice field.  The day was capped off by a Pro Bono Awards Reception to recognize the excellent pro bono work of three Vermont attorneys and a Vermont law firm.  Click HERE for the full story and for pictures from the event!

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    VBA Blawg Entry - Pursuits of Happiness

    Happy Independence Day (week) everyone!  We hope you all had a relaxing, safe and fun weekend. It’s summer bar journal time here at the VBA—just sending the finishing touches off to the publisher.  What do Independence Day and our summer journal have in common?  Read on!


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    Vermont hosts the ULC!

    For the first time in its 125-year existence, the Uniform Law Commission is holding its annual meeting in Vermont, which commenced in Stowe on July 8, 2016.

    As expected, Vermont lawyers were gracious hosts.  Chief Justice Paul Reiber gave opening remarks to kick-off the several-day event. Our Richard Cassidy, who is the current president of the ULC, eloquently delivered his President’s Address.  In true Vermont fashion, Commissioner Peter Langrock gave each and every commissioner a jug of Vermont maple syrup from trees tapped on his property. Understanding the significance of hosting this national law group of attorneys, the Vermont Bar Association sponsored the event, in part, with Executive Director, Teri Corsones attending the opening ceremony as a guest.  Check out the pictures from the event, on our blawg

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    Amended Superior Judge rotation schedule posted!

    The Office of the Chief Superior Judge has posted an amended rotation schedule for September 6, 2016 to September 4, 2017.  

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    Interested in Hosting an Exchange Student?

    The Council on International Educational Exchange is looking for a host family for a 15 year old Ukrainian student who is interested in becoming an international lawyer. Host families cover room & board, and the exchange program pays all other expenses, including a monthly allowance for the student. The time frame is 10 months beginning in August, but shorter periods of time (2-5 months) are possible. The following schools are not available at this time: Montpelier HS, U32, Lyndon Institute, and St. Johnsbury Academy. Contact Susan Kuegel at 802-828-3021 if you are interested or have additional questions. Click for more information!

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    VBA Blawg -- 6/28/16 Entry!

    Check out the latest VBA Blawg entry entitled Procrastinator’s Day!

    Do lawyers really have the reputation of being late or doing everything at the last minute?  I have heard far too many times that I was expected to arrive late, merely because I’m a lawyer.  In semi-protest, I would say, “I resemble that remark!”  

    Perhaps, we lawyers just have different ways of prioritizing... SEE MORE