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    Smile and the Foundation Will Smile with You!

    ...with the not-so-grueling effort of typing in just SIX extra characters, you can make a difference! Before ordering your gifts, household items, etc. this holiday season, just type in those 6 characters: “S,M,I,L,E,.” before Amazon and you will automatically be making a donation to the Vermont Bar Foundation with your purchase at no extra cost to you! By using, Amazon will donate a small percentage of each purchase to the Vermont Bar Foundation. 

    See full blawg HERE!

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    Constitution Day/Month/Year Success!

    When lawyers are admitted to the bar, when judges are sworn in and when elected officials take office, they all pledge to uphold the Constitution.  Pledging to uphold the Constitution is of course easier said than done, as interpretations can vary.  But it remains the foundation for our government...

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    Real Estate Law Day Revisited


    So it has come to our attention that many of our members are not on Facebook or Twitter, but nevertheless may, perhaps, want to see some of our event pictures and read highlights.  Sure, a blog is also social media, but this post is a mere click away from our website, no login required. If we are playing your tune, this blawg is for YOU!



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    2016 Title Standards

    Thanks to Real Estate Section co-chair Jim Knapp, the 2016 Title Standards developed by the Title Standards Committee and approved by the VBA are now available on our website under For Attorneys, Practice Resources.  Thanks to his hard work, all the sections are hyperlinked for your convenience! Click HERE for a shortcut.