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    Judicial Nominating Board

    Nominations for three State Bar seats on the Judicial Nominating Board will be on the Agenda at the VBA Annual Meeting on October 14.

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    Blawg Special Delivery -- AG Debate Thursday 9/8 in Montpelier!

    Debate, Dialogue, Discussion, Discourse, Deliberation… Lawyers love these “D” words.  The differences between them are subtle, but meaningful, and not merely semantics.  The underlying theme, however, is the recognition that there exist differing viewpoints, on virtually everything, and those variances need to be explored.  We attorneys pride ourselves on being open and informed, which can only be accomplished through endless debate and discussion.

    Because we know our members’ Dominant Desire for Discussion, the Vermont Bar Association is Determined to Deliver! 

    JOIN US on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 3:00pm at the Statehouse Pavilion Auditorium in Montpelier for a debate between the two main-party candidates for Attorney General.   VBA Executive Director Teri Corsones will be moderating the discussion between Deb Bucknam and T.J. Donovan on issues that matter most to our membership!

    Read more HERE!

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    Peaceful Pursuits

    Peaceful pursuits need not take long.... Vermont attorneys work extremely hard taxing their brains and pouring countless energy into helping clients, whether or not the clients can afford full freight.  We’ve been blessed with one of the most beautiful Vermont summers in recent memory, so hopefully all of our members are taking some much-deserved time out for peaceful pursuits.  Our minds, bodies and our clients will thank us. Read our Blawg for more and for Hubbard Park pictures!

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    Lawyer Matching Services Being Addressed with Florida Proposed Rules Changes on Lawyer Referral Services

    The Florida Bar Board of Governors has recommended an overhaul of its lawyer referral service rules to their Supreme Court, to address lawyer participation in matching companies like Avvo, LegalZoom and RocketLawyer. Qualifying providers are defined and lawyers are given a window of time to remove themselves from a service that is later found to be in violation of advertising and other rules without fear of sanction. The full article, which includes a link to all of the proposed changes, is HERE!

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    Thank you, Bob!

    On Sunday, July 31, 2016, friends from the VBA and VBF hosted a party for Bob Paolini at Button Bay State Park to honor his tenure as Executive Director of the VBA and to benefit the VBF.  It was a pleasure to pay tribute to his work in turning our VBA into an effective voice for the profession and for promoting the rule of law and access to justice.  All proceeds from the party have been donated to the VBF in Bob’s honor to benefit low-income and needy Vermonters’ legal needs. We are extremely grateful for the guests who attended and donated to the VBF.  Thank you!  For pictures and how to describe Bob in ONE word, READ ON!

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    VBA Blawg this week -- Everybody needs a HUG!

    Coming soon -- our Higher Logic online communities which will be a Y-UGE improvement over our current listserves.   Our staff is working closely with Higher Logic in their Higher Logic User Groups (called “HUGS”) to set up the best user experience possible. Without giving too much away before the “big reveal,” keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to VBA Connect!  Read on!