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    ABA Day in Washington

    President Dan Maguire, President-Elect Gary Franklin, Executive Director, Teri Corsones and ABA Board of Governors member, Fritz Langrock all traveled to Washington, DC this week for the American Bar Association's annual "lobby day." During the trip, they will attend meetings with each of our three Congressmen and/or their staff as part of a nationwide lobbying effort of attorneys. Click HERE to read about this year's efforts and, of course, for pictures.

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    Why Not Pat Ourselves on the Back?

    Seven Days recently ran a story entitled “Conservative Senator Peg Flory to Hang Up Her Spurs.” In the article, Flory was portrayed as outspoken, prepared, skilled, tough, fearless, logical and detail-oriented.  As VBA Past-President, Dan Richardson, pointed out on his Facebook page, one of the most compelling quotes in the article was in reference to how Senator Joe Benning described his dealings with Peg on highly charged debates, stating that “his relationship with Flory remained respectful throughout, which he credits to the fact that they’re both lawyers.”  Click HERE for a short blawg entry on civil discourse and being proud to be a lawyer!


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    2018 Legislators Coffee

    The VBA was once again happy to host a legislators coffee in the Statehouse cafeteria last week.  Hosting included coffee, donuts, pocket constitutions and of course, the undoubtedly world-famous (or at least Vermont-famous) apple bread pudding made by our Executive Director Teri Corsones.  Six trays of the apple-rich treat were happily and gratefully devoured by legislators, pages, officers, VBA members and passersby at the nearly 2-hour event. Click HERE for more about the event, the constitution, legislation and of course, pictures!

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    Incubate: (v) to develop, grow, take form.

    The VBA and Vermont Law School are now accepting applications for our 5th class of incubator attorneys.  We are looking for new or new-to-Vermont attorneys who want to start their own law offices in underserved geographical areas or for underserved populations.

    Attorneys in the 18-month program will receive small stipends, free CLEs, VBA and Lawyer Referral memberships, and will participate in weekly phone conferences and in-person trainings. For more information about how to apply, please click the heading.


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    Scenes from our Mid-Year Meeting

    A good time was had by all (we hope!) at our 61st Mid-Year Meeting!  Survey responses so far have been generally positive, especially with respect to the programming. We were so fortunate to have great attendance for our focused well-being tracks and our sexual harassment tracks, but also for our other substantive programs. Our presenters are truly a gift to the Vermont bar, and our membership camaraderie is like none other! Click HERE for pictures of the event and more.