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    Deposit Check Scam Alert

    Beware of transmitting scanned check images! We’ve learned of a recent scam where, after a realtor sent a scanned copy of a deposit check to a listing agent, she found that the account had been hacked, the check name, number and amount had been altered and the check was presented for deposit via remote deposit image capture. The bank will take 90 days to investigate the fraud and will not automatically reimburse the funds.

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    VBA Blawg -- New Entry!

    Check out the latest VBA Blawg entry entitled Procrastinator’s Day!

    Do lawyers really have the reputation of being late or doing everything at the last minute?  I have heard far too many times that I was expected to arrive late, merely because I’m a lawyer.  In semi-protest, I would say, “I resemble that remark!”  

    Perhaps, we lawyers just have different ways of prioritizing... SEE MORE

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    Phishing Alert

    It has come to our attention that there is a new phishing attack targeting various Bars around the country. The fraudulent email being distributed may have the following subject line: "The Vermont Bar Complaint." Please be aware that other Bars have also experienced an issue so please monitor emails closely.


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    Chittenden Unit Probate Judge Susan Fowler is Retiring

    Judge Fowler is retiring from the bench effective July 28, 2016. Governor Shumlin will pick a successor for Judge Fowler since she is retiring before the end of her term.  

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    Patton Hyman's new Book "The Inner Advantage: Applying Mindfulness in Business and Law - and Everywhere Else!

    Patton Hyman's new book is available on Amazon.  Click HERE to view! 

    Patton Hyman has been a long-standing presenter of Applying Mindfulness programs for the VBA. If you read it and feel so inspired a review on Amazon or recommendation on social media will be much appreciated.

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    Congratulations to Robert Paolini

    Congrats to Robert M Paolini on receiving honorary Doctor of Laws degree at Vermont Law School graduation on May 21, 2016.