The Judicial Nominating Board is seeking applicants for the Family Division Magistrate vacancy created by the recent retirement of Christine D. Hoyt.  The Chief Superior Judge will assign this Magistrate primarily to Windsor and Windham Counties. The Supreme Court and the Chief Superior Judge expect Magistrates to both preside over child support and other family related proceedings and take an active role in the management of the child support, domestic and parentage dockets in each court to which the Magistrate is assigned.


A candidate for Magistrate must be a Vermont resident who has practiced law in Vermont for at least five years immediately preceding their application to the Board and must have at least four years of general law practice. See 4 V.S.A. §§ 461(b) & 602(c)(2).


The full job posting can be found here. Any individual interested in applying for this vacancy may download the Application for Magistrate on the Judiciary website.  Your completed application, in PDF form, must be filed at the following email address on or before December 1, 2023: