97-06  Newly enacted H.70 criminalizes the refusal of a motor vehicle operator to take an evidentiary test for alcohol in specified circumstances. Counsel for such an operator may not advise the client to refuse to take the evidentiary test, but may advise the client of the legal consequences of taking or refusing the evidentiary test and any good faith argument for contesting the validity of the law.

94-07 An attorney must seek to further the lawful objective of his client by all reasonable means so long as his client’s sole objective is not to harass or maliciously injure another.

89-01 Secrets of a former client include information from a source other than the client, which were gained in the course of the lawyer-client relationship; where the lawyer has knowledge of a client’s secret, the lawyer must not disclose the secret if the client has requested that secret remain inviolate or if disclosure would otherwise be embarrassing or detrimental to client’s interests.

85-03 Although attorneys entering into settlement agreements are expected to abide by such agreements, it would not be unethical for the requesting firm to ask the court, after the fact, to re-open the question of whether attorney’s fees, allowed by statute, should be awarded