94-12 An attorney may advertise concentration in more than one field of law, subject to the limitation of DR 2-101, which provides that a lawyer shall not make a false or misleading communication about the quality of service or competence unless the claim can be factually substantiated.

92-09 A lawyer who advertises that he or she specializes in a certain area of the law violates DR 2-105, which prohibits a lawyer from stating that he or she is a specialist, except in the areas of patent or admiralty law, or has met the requirements of designation as a specialist of the Vermont Supreme Court.

91-10 (A) An attorney may practice under a tradename that is not misleading and does not imply a connection with a government agency or public or charitable legal services organization. (B) An attorney may state that he or she “concentrates” or “restricts” his or her practice to a particular area of the law.

91-02 Lawyers may list themselves in yellow page directories by field of concentration

88-05The general mailing to prospective clients of law office announcements indicating subject areas of practice is ethically permitted

79-17  Law school publishing a directory of graduates listing areas of concentration

79-11 I. PLEAS, a Legal Services Directory plan to be instituted to the Upper Connecticut Valley area of Vermont and New Hampshire appears to be in compliance with the various requirements of the Professional Responsibility Code and specifically with DR 2-103 and EC 2-33. II. A legal directory for a legal services delivery plan may list a firm’s area of concentration but may not indicate that it is an area of specialization unless the firm or attorney is in fact a specialist as defined in DR 2-105 (A)