95-15 An attorney is permitted to share office space with a nonlawyer with whom the attorney maintains an ongoing business relationship in addition to the attorney’s separate and ongoing practice of law provided the arrangements and relationship are such that client confidences and secrets are preserved, improper solicitation and fee splitting are avoided, and proper care is taken to maintain the exercise of independent professional judgment on behalf of the client, to avoid misleading the public and to avoid the appearance of impropriety in the arrangement.

92-03 Designation of lawyers on letterhead as “Associates,” when arrangement is more akin to office-sharing, may be misleading, and therefore, impermissible.

80-15 Two attorneys occupying adjacent offices and sharing library, conference room, and office equipment, and who are not and do not hold themselves out to be partners or associates, are not subject to the same conflict of interest restrictions as attorneys so affiliated and may properly represent opposite sides of real estate transactions and other causes. On the facts stated, it is not improper for one of the two attorneys to sublet from the other.

79-22 Attorneys sharing law offices who are not and do not hold themselves out as partners or associates

79-06 Attorney representing client in litigation involving legal document prepared by the attorney where an adverse party was neither represented by independent counsel at time document was prepared nor clearly advised by the attorney to obtain representation