97-14 Lawyer A must withdraw from any further participation as a member of a municipal zoning board in all proceedings related to a particular conditional use application, where Lawyer B, a member of Lawyer A’s firm, represents clients who have challenged the zoning board’s jurisdiction to reconsider an earlier decision that had been favorable to the interests of Lawyer B’s clients. Similarly, Lawyer B has a non-waivable duty to withdraw from further representing clients in a matter on which Lawyer A had participated in a quasi-judicial capacity.

92-06An attorney, who is a member of a municipal utility commission, but who does not act as counsel to the commission, may represent a state agency which is involved with the regulatory process affecting the utility regulated by the commission, in a matter, despite his membership on a commission which the agency oversees, after full disclosure to and with the consent of both organizations, to conducting the interview.

91-05 Irrespective of whether the Defender General serves a fixed term or at the pleasure of the Governor, the Defender General must exercise independent professional judgment, free of influence pressure from other persons, officials, or agencies of state government, in the administration of public defender assigned counsel programs; and must take steps necessary to assure the independence of individual public defenders or assigned counsel to guarantee the integrity of the relationship between those lawyers and their clients.

89-16 An attorney may act as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for his town and also represent the town in an appeal de novo from an action taken by that board, where there is no inconsistency between the Board’s decision and the town’s position in the de novo proceeding and where it is not obvious that the attorney ought to be called as a witness at the de novo hearing.

88-09 It is improper for a member of a law firm to act as a part-time prosecutor in one county, while this attorney and other members of the same law firm are conducting criminal defense work in other counties.

87-16 A state’s attorney may not insist as part of a plea agreement that a defendant enter a plea of guilty rather than nolo contendere when the sole motive of the prosecutor is to attain an advantage for the victim in subsequent civil litigation

87-07 A law firm is not barred from continuing to represent a client in a matter in which an attorney newly hired by the firm had substantial responsibility while employed in the public sector, provided that the firm effectively insulates the attorney from any involvement in or knowledge of the firm’s handling of the matter and the procedures used to insulate the attorney are approved by the public agency which formerly employed the attorney

87-04 A lawyer may not accept private employment as lobbyist in a matter in which s/he had substantial responsibility as a member of the state government and should not accept such employment when it will tend to discredit the public’s confidence in and respect for the legal profession and government.

86-06 There is no ethical reason why a City Grand Juror cannot prosecute criminal cases against defendants represented by a Defense Attorney who also holds the office of City Alderman.

86-02 A restriction on private employment following government service applies to those matters in which the lawyer had actual significant involvement as a public employee.

83-05 A lawyer who was a selectman may not accept private employment to attack the va1idity of an ordinance adopted while the lawyer was a selectman, but can accept private employment on a case involving the correct interpretation of the ordinance.

82-05Members of law firm of lawyer-legislator representing private clients before the legislature or a legislative committee

81-06 An attorney who is an elected official of a town (Justice of the Peace, and by virtue thereof, a member of the Board of Civil Authority) may represent clients in an action against that town seeking, inter alia, damages for wrongful taking, trespass, removal of trees, correcting drainage and punitive damages.

79-29Attorney general’s office representing any judges of state courts, when required by statute

79-12 State’s attorney service on the public service board

79-05 Attorney serving as special counsel to governor and simultaneously employed under “consulting agreement” with Control Electronic Corporation

79-02 State’s attorney’s participation in effecting collection of a civil debt by use of or threat of criminal prosecution