06-06 (1) An assistant judge may practice law with a law firm and may include his name in the firm’s name and on its stationary so long as the assistant judge is regularly and actively practicing law with the firm. (2) An assistant judge may remain a member of an elected municipal school board to which the assistant judge was elected before becoming an assistant judge but may not run for re-election once his current school board term expires.

92-02 The lawyer who performs statutory duties as an assistant judge: (1) should not practice law in the court, hearing rooms and chambers where the lawyer sits as judge; (2) should not practice law in a court where the nonjudicial duties and responsibilities make that lawyer a functioning member of the court and affects that lawyer’s independent judgment and/or creates an appearance of impropriety. In addition, when that lawyer is disqualified from providing representation to a particular client or in a particular court, all lawyers affiliated with that lawyer are disqualified to the same extent.

81-10 Unless personally biased against the defendant, an assistant attorney general is not ethically barred from assisting in the prosecution of a case where, as judge at an earlier time, he presided over an inquest at which the defendant did not testify.

80-20 Attorney who serves as part-time probate judge buying asset from estate pending before his court

79-29 Attorney general’s office representing any judges of state courts, when required by statute

79-20 Assistant attorney general married to trial judge practicing before district court bench in general and associates in attorney general’s office practicing before the assistant attorney general’s trial judge spouse

79-07 Spouse of trial judge representing party where trial judge signed temporary order or otherwise had been involved in case