98-06 A lawyer who has represented both husband and wife in a number of matters may not thereafter represent the husband against the wife in a divorce where issues in the divorce representation will require the lawyer to do anything which would injuriously affect the former client in any matter.

85-05 An attorney who represented a married couple in another matter may not reveal any confidence or secret to one spouse’s attorney in a pending divorce action, without consent and full disclosure.

85-02 Where a partner in a law firm represents the husband in a divorce action a former associate of the firm who worked for the firm during the time the firm represented the husband may represent the wife in the same litigation provided the former associate gained no knowledge of the divorce action while employed by the firm and had no involvement in the firm’s representation of the husband.

83-04 Where the husband of one marriage is living with the wife of another, a lawyer may represent both of the spouses of these persons in separate divorce actions. Even if there were an impermissible conflict of interest, the consent of the clients to the dual representation would allow it as long as actual conflicts do not arise.

80-21 Attorney who in recent months represented husband and wife on various business and personal matters representing husband in divorce action against wife

80-14 Attorney who has represented wife in divorce proceedings against first and second husbands, thereafter representing first husband in criminal proceeding alleging criminal assault on second husband

80-12 Attorney incorporating with, for performing separation and divorce mediation services

78-03 Lawyer who represented both husband and wife in a number of matters thereafter representing wife in a divorce against the husband