From the Judiciary: Proposed Rule Changes, Licensing Renewals, and More


TO:                  Members of the Vermont Bar

FROM:            Robert Greemore, Court Administrator

RE:                  Proposed Rule Amendments, Information Regarding Licensing Renewals & CLE Reporting Information, Information Regarding Obligations under A.O. 41, Information Regarding eCabinet Registration


            For your information, I enclose the following:





Proposed Amendments to the Rules for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Since the institution of the requirement of continuing legal education for attorneys admitted to practice law in Vermont, separate rules and regulations have governed.  These rules and regulations defined the minimal educational requirement, how they could be met, and the process a sponsoring agency must follow in order to offer courses for CLE credit, among other things.  The rules often overlapped with the regulations, and some topics were discussed in both the rules and regulations.  This created an often cumbersome process for attorneys seeking information on the requirements for continuing legal education.  There is no distinction to be made between the rules and regulations, as the Vermont Supreme Court must approve of and administer both.  Therefore, the Board of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education has consolidated the rules and regulations into one document, the Rules for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education.  There have been no substantive changes to the rules or regulations during this rewrite.  The proposed change has been made in an effort to achieve simplicity and for the convenience of those governed by the rules.

            These proposed amendments can be found on our website at the following address:


            Comments on these proposed amendments should be sent by July 2, 2013 to the Hon. Karen Carroll, the Chair of the Mandatory Legal Education Board.  She can be reached by e-mail or U.S. mail at the following addresses:


Hon. Karen Carroll, Chair

Mandatory Legal Education Board

111 State Street, Suite 9B

Montpelier, VT  05609-0701



            a.  Licensing Renewals & CLE Reporting Information

Attorney relicensing and CLE reporting information will be emailed to attorneys whose licenses expire on June 30, 2013 on May 1.  To ensure you receive that courtesy email, please make sure is included in your Safe Senders List.  If you are unsure when your attorney license expires, please check the Vermont Judiciary’s website at  The relicensing/reporting information will also be posted on the Vermont Judiciary’s website under Legal Information, then Attorney Licensing after May 1.  You are encouraged to use the online system for relicensing and CLE reporting at which will be available from May 1 – July 1.


            b.  Obligation under A.O. 41

Attorneys are reminded of their obligation under A.O. 41,, to keep this office informed of their current mailing and e-mail addresses for relicensing information and Supreme Court and Court Administrator’s Office notices.  Please e-mail those changes to  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


            c.  eCabinet Registration

Administrative Order No. 44 requires attorneys in active status to register up to three e-mail addresses in eCabinet for purposes of receiving notices of hearing and other documents.  You may include staff e-mail addresses in the three e-mail addresses that you specify.  eCabinet registration is required whether you practice in court, or not.

If you have already registered in eCabinet, the e-mail address(es) you provided as part of that process will be used, and you need not do anything further.


If you have not already registered in eCabinet, please go to the website, click the Electronic Filing and Registration icon, click Electronic Filing and Registration on the Electronic Services screen, click Register Now, and follow the simple prompts.  Attorneys will need their attorney license numbers to register.  Helpful information about the Attorney E-Mail Registration process is also available on the Electronic Services screen, including a listing of the Administrative Directives that detail when Notices of Hearing and other court documents are being sent via e-mail to attorneys with cases in the units and divisions specified. Please contact or call the Helpdesk at 802-828-4357 with any questions in the meantime.

You are also reminded that you are required to update the e-mail address(es) and other contact information you have registered as soon as there are any changes, including changes to staff e-mail addresses you may have included with your registration.  To revise the information, please go to, click “Electronic Filing and Registration”, log into eCabinet, click “Account”, choose “My Profile”, and make the changes to your contact information accordingly.

Notification to or to eCabinet does not automatically change the other.  It is your responsibility to notify both.  If you are a member of the Vermont Bar Association, you will also need to separately notify the VBA.