Want a Vermont License? Need Basic Skills?

If you are an out-of-state lawyer with 5 or more years of experience seeking to get licensed in Vermont, you need to take the Basic Skills course -- 15 CLE hours that equip you to practice in the Green Mountain State. And the VBA is the only source for this course.

Six of the required 15 hours must be "live" credits, and the VBA will be offering the live portion of Basic Skills at the Mid-Year Meeting, March 14, 2013, at the Sheraton in Burlington.

The remaining 9 hours can be taken "self-study," meaning you can watch videotapes of earlier programs. The VBA has these videotapes available for you to rent. Choose from programs on each of the major practice areas, from probate to business law to family law to real estate law and more. 

For more information, or to rent videotapes, just call the VBA office at 802.223.2020.