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99-09 An Assistant Attorney General who formerly worked for an organization that represented class members in a class action against the State and who represented some class members personally on matters not directly affected by the class action should not represent the State or participate on behalf of the State in the pending class action or in future class actions involving the same class members or the same core legal issues.

90-01 The Attorney General may represent a state agency in defending a claim of discrimination under the Vermont Fair Employment Practices Act without violating DR 5-105 (A), where the complaint is pending for investigation and enforcement before the Vermont Human Rights Commission

87-07 A law firm is not barred from continuing to represent a client in a matter in which an attorney newly hired by the firm had substantial responsibility while employed in the public sector, provided that the firm effectively insulates the attorney from any involvement in or knowledge of the firm's handling of the matter and the procedures used to insulate the attorney are approved by the public agency which formerly employed the attorney

81-10 Unless personally biased against the defendant, an assistant attorney general is not ethically barred from assisting in the prosecution of a case where, as judge at an earlier time, he presided over an inquest at which the defendant did not testify.

81-08 The representation of opposing state agencies by Assistant Attorney General in the resolution of disputes, whether by negotiation or by litigation before administrative tribunals or courts, violates DR 5-105(A) unless such representation is authorized under DR 5-105(C)

79-29 Attorney general's office representing any judges of state courts, when required by statute

79-20 Assistant attorney general married to trial judge practicing before district court bench in general and associates in attorney general's office practicing before the assistant attorney general's trial judge spouse


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