Pro and Low Bono 2021

The VBA, with the help of our energized Young Lawyers Division, has partnered with Legal Services Vermont to recruit pro bono and low bono attorneys in these times of pandemic. 

LSV’s Vermont Volunteer Lawyer Project is a decades-long program matching low-income Vermonters with pro bono attorneys willing to represent them in a wide variety of legal challenges. 

The VBA’s Low Bono Program uses grant funding to pay stipends to private attorneys to represent low-income Vermonters and crime victims who face legal difficulties as a result of their victimization. 

Either program helps you gain experience, build your practice, receive CLE training, and help vulnerable Vermonters. 

               Sign up here:

               For more information, contact Mary Ashcroft, VBA’s Legal Access Coordinator, at or by calling 802-775-5189.