CAO E-Filing Report and VBA Response

Act 120 required the Judiciary to meet with court users to examine alternatives to the per envelope e-filing fee, to listen to and respond to court users’ experience with the Odyssey File and Serve system, and to report its efforts and recommendations to the Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee and to the Joint Fiscal Committee no later than October 30, 2020. Here’s a LINK to the State Court Administrator’s Report issued on October 30. Here’s a LINK to the VBA Response to the Report. The Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee took testimony on the report and response on November 12; here’s a LINK to the testimony, which starts at the 4:18 mark and ends at the 1:30:50 mark. During the hearing, Senator Sears agreed to introduce the proposed bill that’s included in the VBA response. The Joint Fiscal Committee took up the report on November 20. Here’s a LINK to the hearing. The start time is at the 1:31:20 mark, and the end time is at the 1:40:12 mark. The Committee members agreed that the House Ways & Means and the Senate Finance Committees will need to take up the e-filing fees issue as soon as possible in January. We will continue to keep you updated on any developments. Please click HERE for previous Bar News stories on the E-Filing topic.