E-File Portal Information

Thank you all for your patience during our Odyssey rollout transition.

Since the Judiciary has been receiving several messages regarding the public portal, we wanted to provide you with some guidance on how to find information as well as how best to contact us.

Also, a reminder to users, VT Courts online, and VCAS should continue to be utilized for case information details where applicable. The Odyssey Portal only shows cases for the Windham, Orange and Windsor Units; information for all other Court Units can be found on VT Courts on Line and VCAS, depending on your permissions.

Access to the portal: There are two ways to access the portal: 


For requesting elevated access, questions, issues and feedback: There are two ways to seek additional information:


On this page you will find a Public Portal User guide that can guide you through many of the general aspects of registering and using the portal.

If this guide does not address your needs or if you have a specific issue individual to you, you can contact the Judiciary by using Public Portal Feedback option located at the bottom of the page. Please make sure to complete all fields and provide as much detail as you can in the feedback section before you make your submission.

Issues regarding the public portal can also be sent by email to our Helpdesk: if using this email address, please indicate ODY Public Portal in the “subject” line.


Dawn Sanborn

Program Manager

VT Judiciary-Trial Court Operations Division