Character & Fitness Committee Notice

The Character & Fitness Committee is charged with determining the moral character and fitness of applicants to the Vermont Bar.  If an applicant isn’t certified for good moral character, the applicant is entitled to a hearing before a 3-member panel of the Committee. The applicant is also entitled to be represented by counsel. The Committee would like to have a list of attorneys willing to represent applicants who request a hearing before the Committee. The list will be provided to each applicant who requests a hearing; it will be up to the applicant to connect with an attorney. Fee arrangements would be between the applicant and the attorney. (Richard Cassidy has represented a number of applicants before the Committee and has kindly offered to answer any questions about the process. He can be reached at rich at richcassidylaw dot com.) If you are interested in being on the list, please contact Licensing Counsel Andrew Strauss at or at 1-802-951-0139.


The Character & Fitness Committee includes seven persons appointed by the Vermont Supreme Court. One member is an active or retired judge or justice, three members are attorneys, and three are lay persons. The Committee currently has a vacancy for a lay person member. The term is for three years. If you know of a lay person interested in serving on the Committee, please ask the person to contact Licensing Counsel Andrew Strauss at or at 802-951-0139.