Email Scam Reminder!

It has come to our attention that several attorneys in Vermont have received emails from what looked to be from another attorney, by name, but were instead from questionable email addresses.  With permission, we provide the example of an email that comes from "Todd Schlossberg" with an attachment, but when checking the 'from' email address, it came from "Todd Schlossberg <>." Please remember the following tips when reviewing your emails.  First, always make sure the 'from' address is indeed the sender's address. In the example, Todd's email was not, in fact, hacked, it was merely his name that was used and attached to another email address.

Always check for incomplete or misspelled words, bad grammar or poor punctuation. It is still often the case that malicious emails do not utilize correct spelling and grammar. Be suspicious if the email requires 'immediate action' and check with the actual sender via phone or separate email to verify that action is required.  Requests for personal information via email are almost always suspicious.  If the email contains a "login" button or link, hover over the button to check the destination or right-click over the button to copy the address into a word document or notepad where you can read the full address.  Most entities will not email you a "login" button but will rather instruct you to go to their site directly. Always be suspicious of emails addressed to your username or email characters, dear sir or dear madam. 

Common general scam emails include: FedEx is trying to schedule a pick up, Dropbox has a document for downloading, client X is requesting a change in wiring instructions, settled collection matter needs your assistance or sender X wants to share a document with you.  If you are not expecting a document from someone, always hover or right-click to check the sender's email address, buttons and links in the email.  Some may be just one letter off from the actual email address or website. 

Remember to keep your office security measures up to date and be safe out there, everyone.