VLRB Seeking Nominations for 2 Upcoming Vacancies

We received communication from Dirk Anderson, General Counsel for the Department of Labor, regarding two upcoming vacancies on the Vermont Labor Relations Board.  The department is soliciting attorneys who have a record of representing either a labor organization, an employer organization, or an organization that trains or employs persons to serve in a neutral role in labor management relations.  The Labor Relations Board Review Panel  is soliciting nominations for two seats on the Vermont Labor Relations Board that are expiring on June 30, 2018.  One of the seats represents a labor background, the other a neutral background.  Additional information is included in the attached document.

The Labor Relations Board Review Panel will be accepting nominations through June 8, 2018.  You may have seen these vacancies advertised as closing for applications on May 25.  The Panel has decided to extend the application deadline in order to ensure adequate notice to all interested potential candidates.

The vacancy notice is HERE.