Happy Anniversary to VBA Connect!

As you all know, the old listserve service was replaced by VBA Connect online communities approximately one year ago. So, Happy Anniversary!

VBA Connect makes discussions available online, making them archiveable and easily searchable.  Documents can be posted to the libraries too.  Don't forget to set your community notifications in your profile, my can receive daily, real-time or no email notifications and change your settings as often as you'd like!  Instructions for general use of these communities are posted in this community's document library.  Or just call or email me! I'm always here to walk you through the VBA Connect system.  We promise it is user-friendly and easy to stay logged-in with just a few numbers to enter.

Many members are finding the online communities a breeze to navigate.  No more embarrassing unintended "reply all's."  No more time-consuming hunting for old discussions.  Customize your experience.  You can join or leave any communities you'd like...or even just browse to see what other communities are talking about.  Connect and share your collective wisdom today!

Don't be afraid to join the discussion-try it, you'll like it!  What discussion?  Here's some of what folks have been talking about all year on VBA Connect: