Notice of Public Service Board Vacancy

The term of the chair of the Vermont Public Service Board has expired. Persons interested in applying for this position must submit an application to the Judicial Nominating Board. Applications may be obtained by contacting Brenda Chamberlin at 802-828-1152 or at

Completed applications (including an original and 11 copies) must be delivered before 5 PM on March 20, 2017 to:

John Evers Chair, Judicial Nominating Board
Shoup Evers & Green
84 Pine St., 4th Floor
Burlington, VT 05401

This is a six year appointment. While there are no express statutory education or job experience requirements, an applicant must demonstrate the ability to assimilate and understand a large volume of highly technical information, including legal principles and accounting, financial and engineering data. The applicant should also possess the ability to write clearly on complicated subjects, to conduct himself\herself in a judicial manner, to manage complex utility litigation in a quasi–judicial hearing process and to manage the personnel, budget and caseload of the Public Service Board. While the Public Service Board chair has traditionally been an attorney, admission to the Bar is not required. Applicants who are found well qualified by the Judicial Nominating Board shall have their names submitted to the Governor who has the power of appointment. An appointment made by the Governor is subject to confirmation by the Vermont Senate.