On Your Own  Currently in its 5th edition, On Your Own examines the legal rights and responsibilities that a person needs to know about when reaching legal majority at age 18. Among the topics discussed are laws relating to: automobiles and their purchase, repair, and use; college; the Selective Service System; employment; voting; relationships; rental housing; buying and selling; health insurance; crime and the criminal process; and much, much more. The booklet is distributed to schools and other locations across the state. In conjunction with the distribution of the booklet, the Center also organizes educational programs to discuss the rights and responsibilities faced by young people when they go out on their own.

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United States Constitution  The Center for Public Education can provide anyone who wishes one, a copy of the United States Constitution, the framework for the United States Government and detailing the relationship between the federal Government and the states, citizens and all people within the United States.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of the Constitution for your school or group, call Tami Baldwin at 802.223.2020 or email



Taking Charge  The CPE publishes this booklet describing the ways people can protect their financial resources as they grow older. It includes discussions of joint fiduciary accounts, powers of attorney, and guardianships. The Center also organizes educational programs for the general public in conjunction with the distribution of the booklet.  

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