Succession Planning

The VBA is developing materials designed to help you think about what will happen to your practice when you are unable to serve your clients, whether through volutary time away, incapacity or illness, retirement, or death. The materials will include tools to help you assess your practice, organize important information about your practice that could be used by a successor, think about alternative ways to leave your practice, and provide for the welfare of your clients in your absence. Among the materials will be a wide range of forms and checklists that you can use or adapt to ensure that you have covered all the bases and taken the necessary steps. Forms will be posted in both PDF and Word versions so that you can tailor them to meet your needs.

This library of materials will continue to grow over time. The materials are here for your use; you do not need permission to use or revise them to suit your needs.

It's time now to start thinking about what happens to your practice, and your clients, in the future. We hope these materials help in that process.

Available materials:

The New York State Bar Association has developed a wide range of materials for succession planning, including many helpful forms. You should consider using and/or revising some of these forms as you plan. You can obtain the entire book of forms and related discussion of succession planning here. The forms themselves can be obtained as interactive fillable PDFs here. The forms are also available as Word documents, and can be found here. The VBA will be revising many of these forms for use in Vermont over the coming months. 

Succession Planning - Buy Out at Retirement information: