• Panel members must agree to abide by rules of the LRS, including an agreement to return periodic status reports within 15 days from date received. If a status report or a fee, as required by paragraph 4 below, is outstanding 30 days after the date of the status report, the panel participant will be considered inactive and no further referrals will be made to that member until such time as all status reports, and/or fees due, are current.  

  • Annual membership fee shall be $70.00 per individual attorney or $325.00 for an entire law firm (made up of 5 lawyers or more).


  • Referred clients will be charged no more than $25.00 for the first one-half hour of interview.

  • The LRS shall be paid 10 percent of the total fee agreed upon and collected, regardless of the hours put into the case. Excluded from the 10% fee charged is the first half-hour $25.00 interview fee, or in a case where the client is charged less than $100.00A case directly referred by a panel member to another attorney constitutes a LRS case subject to the 10% payment.

  • The LRS is intended to benefit the public. In order to better serve the public, panel members must carry professional liability insurance, $100,000 minimum, be licensed to practice law in Vermont, in good standing with the Vermont Supreme Court, and be a member of the Vermont Bar Association. 



  • When a caller indicates a need for legal assistance in an area for which there is a “specialty” panel, the caller will be informed that the attorney being referred is not a designated specialist, but has indicated a willingness to accept cases in that field of law.

  • There shall be no fee charged to a client for a referral by the LRS. The caller will be advised to indicate to the attorney that s/he was referred by the LRS.


  •  A follow-up may periodically be made to callers seeking legal assistance (with the exception of domestic cases). This will provide information on client satisfaction with the service and the referred attorney.

  • An incoming nationwide 800 line is connected to the VBA Office, and this number is advertised nationwide.

  • The VBA Executive Director shall act as Director of the LRS. The LRS is run on a daily basis by the LRS Coordinator. 

   The fiscal year of the LRS will begin each year on April 1.  

The term “specialty” as so used does not mean certified or self-proclaimed. The term is being used to designate attorneys who have indicated a preference for a   particular field(s) of law.