The VBA Lawyer Referral Service is here to serve the community and you
  •        The VBA Lawyer Referral Service receives between 30 and 50 calls per day from people with legal concerns or problems.
  •       The LRS is not a pro bono service or legal aid program.
  •       An LRS referral entitles callers to a 30 minute consultation fee for no more than $25.
  •       LRS panel members must be licensed and in good standing with the Vermont Supreme Court, be members of the Vermont Bar Association, and 
        maintain professional liability insurance.
There are many direct benefits to LRS panel members
  •       Potentially increasing business while reaching out to the community.
  •       Profitability when a referral becomes a paying client.
  •       Clients’ satisfaction increases the likelihood they will contact the attorney again if they need legal services in the future.
  •       Satisfied clients are likely to pass an attorney’s name on to friends, family members and co-workers.
We inform callers that, aside from the $25 reduced rate fee for the initial 30 minute consultation, they will need to reach an agreement with you about fees and method of payment or payment structure if they need more than a half-hour, or if they decide to retain you for services.
We let callers know that the initial consultation is an opportunity to explore their legal options. There are often callers who may have simple questions that can be answered over the phone or within that initial 30 minute consultation, however we do let them know that substantive legal advice cannot always be handled in a short amount of time.
Please click here to see our LRS rules and procedures, and here for an application.