Foreclosure Mediation Report - Part I

Foreclosure Mediation Report - Part II


From: Civil Division Oversight Committee

To: Counsel, Courts and Foreclosure Mediators

Re: Foreclosure Mediation Forms

Date: December 2019

Please note that we have amended the Foreclosure Mediation Report Form, to be used starting January 1, 2020.  The Form is now divided into two parts.    Mediators should file only Part I with the court. Parts I and II should        both   be provided to the parties, counsel, and the Attorney General’s Office.  

The changes were made to facilitate court access to information relevant to court proceedings and reduce unnecessary paperwork received by the court, while meeting all statutory requirements.  In addition, the new format is designed to accommodate changes made to the Attorney General’s Office’s data processing system with a more condensed format, similar to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Vermont Report of Mediation. 

Part I includes the information required by 12 V.S.A. § 4634, with some additional information deemed helpful to the Court.  Part II includes most, but not all, of the remaining information found in the prior version of the report and some additional information, to assist the mediators, parties and counsel in the exchange of information relevant to the loss mitigation review process and assist the mediation process overall. 

MEDIATORS: You can find the new Foreclosure Mediation Report Form (Part I and Part II) at the following websites:  Vermont Judiciary, Attorney General’s Office, and the Vermont Bar Association.  There will no longer be an automated submission to the Attorney General’s Office. Mediators should now email the full form to the Attorney General’s Office at,  email or mail copies of the full form to counsel and the parties, and mail a copy of ONLY Part I to the court.

The court website will have a PDF version of the form. The VBA and Attorney General’s Office versions will be in Word. Mediators may use whichever format they prefer.

            Questions? Please direct any concerns or questions to the Civil Division Oversight Committee, c/o Judge Toor, Chair, at