Vermont Bar Association List Serves

Description and Use


  1. What is a list serve?

An electronic discussion list, or list serve, is a subscription-based e-mail group that provides an online forum to facilitate discussion on a particular subject or specialty topic. When you join a VBA section or division, you are automatically subscribed to the list serve of that section or division and can send and receive messages, which will be shared with everyone in the group.

  1. Who participates?

VBA members who belong to a VBA section or division will automatically be included in the list serve for that section or division.

  1. How do I manage the number of emails I get?

When you are first subscribed, you will receive individual messages from the list serve as they are generated. If you would prefer to receive messages in digest format (one e-mail per day with all the day’s messages in the body of the e-mail), send an e-mail message to:

Digest-[insert the list serves email address]

For example:

  1. Can I divert the messages to another folder to avoid clogging up my inbox?

Yes. Right click on the message and select Create Rule. Follow the instructions to have all messages from that list serve address to be placed in a separate folder.

  1. How do I send a message to the list?

Keep the welcome message you receive when you first join a section or division. It contains the distribution list for the group’s list serve. You can send a message to the list in two ways: by sending a new message to the distribution list; or by replying to a message sent by someone else. By choosing “Reply,” a message will be generated to the list serve members. Remember, you are not responding to one person; you are responding to everyone on the list serve. In order to reply to an individual, do not use the “Reply” button. You will need to type in that person’s specific address (or click on or cut and paste the e-mail address if it’s listed in the body of a message).

  1. What if I want to send an attachment?

You can attach any type of file—i.e. text, CSV, exe, PDF, scripts, etc.—but ListManager will warn you if the file is over 1 MB, because many e-mail programs do not allow attachments to be sent or received that are larger than 1MB. Although you will be warned, the message will still be sent even if it exceeds 1MB. Also, please keep in mind that some members may not be able to receive attachments at all, or their e-mail programs may have a different allowable size.

  1. What is e-mail etiquette or “netiquette”?

Netiquette refers to rules of behavior for online communication. Here are some basics:

  1. Clearly summarize the contents of your message in the subject line.
  2. Keep your messages short and focused.
  3. Avoid using all capital letters.
  4. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in public.
  5. Try to keep your messages on-topic.
  1. What kind of messages can I send? What kind should I not send?

VBA list serves are to be used for purposes consistent with the mission of the Vermont Bar Association. They can be used for asking and answering questions, making connections, getting advice, and for advertising VBA events and programs. List serve messages should be restricted to and used only for the discussion of substantive and procedural matters relating to law and to the business of the appropriate section or division. 

If a member wishes to ask other members for advice on an issue involving another attorney (which could be an entirely appropriate matter for the list serve), no names should be used. Do not post comments or questions that may be sensitive or taken the wrong way. Contact another section member off-list for advice in such circumstances.

List serves should not be used for:

  1. Strictly personal purposes, such as catching up with old friends.
  2. To advertise programs sponsored by entities other than the VBA or its sections and divisions; use of a VBA list serve to advertise a CLE program sponsored by a competing organization—defined as any organization or group other than the VBA that charges a fee for attendance at its CLE programs—is an inappropriate use of the list serve.
  3. Advertisements of any kind.

Individuals who fail to comply with these guidelines may forfeit the right to participate in list serves sponsored by the Vermont Bar Association.

  1. What use can I make of list serve content?

VBA list serves should be used strictly by and among members of the VBA and of the VBA staff as appropriate. No comments made on the list serve should be quoted outside of the list serve without the express permission of the person originally making the comment. List serve entries should not be forwarded to anyone outside of the VBA and they should never be copied and used anywhere without the express permission of the person(s) whose contribution(s) is/are intended to be so shared. If an entry contains a link to an article, case, or other resource, and a member wants to share that item with others, the link, citation, or other reference should be extracted from the list serve entry and sent out separately.

  1. Questions

If you have other questions or need additional assistance, please contact:

Laura Welcome at, or Lisa Maxfield at