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83-07 When a partner leaves a firm to practice in another state, the firm name does not have to be changed to delete the name of the leaving partner as long as that partner maintains an "of counsel" relationship with the firm.

83-06 A lawyer may provide the defense of a criminal case even though in doing so he will attempt to impeach the testimony of a person the lawyer formerly represented in a juvenile case because the past juvenile case and the current criminal case are not substantially related. The lawyer may not, however, disclose or use confidential information obtained from the witness while a client.

83-05 A lawyer who was a selectman may not accept private employment to attack the va1idity of an ordinance adopted while the lawyer was a selectman, but can accept private employment on a case involving the correct interpretation of the ordinance.

83-04 Where the husband of one marriage is living with the wife of another, a lawyer may represent both of the spouses of these persons in separate divorce actions. Even if there were an impermissible conflict of interest, the consent of the clients to the dual representation would allow it as long as actual conflicts do not arise.

83-03 A Vermont lawyer may form an interstate law partnership with an out of state partnership, adopting a name that includes the name of partners admitted only in another state, as long as the firm letterhead, business cards and the like clearly disclose the limitations on the practice of each lawyer in the firm.

83-02 The Code prohibits listing the practice of another profession on letterhead, business cards or office sign. In determining responsibilities in this area, the lawyer should consult court decisions on the constitutionality of advertising restrictions.

83-01 A lawyer who is retained by a client to return money allegedly stolen by the client may not disclose the name of the client or any other information by the client relative to the taking of the money.

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1978-Present Index to the Advisory Ethics Opinions of the VBA Committee on Professional Responsibility