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82-10 A lawyer may not threaten in a collection letter to present criminal charges, either directly or indirectly.

82-09 An attorney’s lien on a client’s file must not impair or prejudice the client’s interests in the subject matter of the file.

82-08 The public defender program may enter into a contract with the spouse of the Defender General for appellate representation in conflict cases. Such representation does not create a per se conflict of interest.

82-07 A lawyer who subsequent to settling a personal injury action learns from the client additional information that might have reduced the settlement may not disclose this information to the opposing party to rectify any deception that might have been caused.

82-06 Not issued.

82-05 Members of the law firm of a lawyer-legislator may not represent private clients before the legislature or a legislative committee.

82-04 A lawyer may use a display advertisement in a newspaper under DR 2-101(D) of the Code of Professional Responsibility as amended by the Vermont Supreme Court in July, 1977.

82-03 Partners of a firm in which an associate is City Grand Juror and whose functions as such include prosecution of misdemeanors and traffic violations within municipal limits, may not represent clients in actions against members of the same municipality’s Police Department.

82-02 When a lawyer merges with another law firm, the resulting new firm may not continue to represent clients with differing interests who were formerly represented by the old firm and the individual lawyer.

82-01 A person who first was law clerk and subsequently a lawyer for a state agency and in such capacities negotiated a compliance order between the state and a private corporation may not represent civil litigants in an action against that same corporation arising either under the compliance order of from the same facts which gave rise to the compliance order.


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1978-Present Index to the Advisory Ethics Opinions of the VBA Committee on Professional Responsibility