Model Instructions from the Vermont Criminal Jury Instruction Committee

The Vermont Criminal Jury Instruction Committee has drafted these instructions as models that may be used for criminal trials in Vermont.

They have not been adopted or approved by the Vermont Supreme Court, and there is no requirement that they be used as drafted. Judges and attorneys are encouraged to tailor their instructions to fit the circumstances of each trial.

As of February 9th, 2005, all sections of the Criminal Jury Instructions are up on this web site.

Please check back often for updates.

These instructions are posted on the VBA website for use, review, and comment. Feedback is desired and encouraged. The committee continues to meet approximately four times per year.

The history of the committee is discussed in the accompanying Outline.

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Some of the issues addressed by the committee are explained in the accompanying Notes.

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Summary of Contents

Part I. General Instructions

1. Introductory General Instructions 2. Miscellaneous General Instructions
3. Concluding General Instructions 4. Burden of Proof
5. Evidence 6. Mental Elements
7. Defenses 8. Reserved
9. Other General Concepts 10. Definitions
11-19. Reserved  

Part II. Title 13

20. Arson and Burning (Title 13, chapter 11) 21. Assault and Robbery (Title 13, chapter 13)
22. Breach of the Peace; Disturbances (Title 13, chapter 19) 23. Burglary (Title 13, chapter 23)
24. Homicide (Title 13, chapter 53) 25. Kidnapping (Title 13, chapter 55)
26. Larceny and Embezzlement (Title 13, chapter 57) 27. Sex Crimes (Title 13, chapters 59 and 72)
28. Other Crimes Under Title 13 29. Reserved

Part III. Title 23

30. DUI 31. DLS
32. Negligent Operation 33. Attempting to Elude
34. Operating Without Owner's Consent 35. Leaving the Scene of an Accident
36. Other Crimes Under Title 23 37-39. Reserved.

Part IV. Title 18

40. Possession and Control of Regulated Drugs 41. Other Crimes Under Title 18
42-49. Reserved  

Part V. Title 10 -- Fish and Wildlife

50. Illegal Taking of Game 51. Illegal Possession of Wildlife
52. Worrying a Moose or Other Animal 53. Other Crimes Under Title 10
54-59. Reserved  

Part VI. Other Crimes

60. All Other Crimes