Model Instructions from the Vermont Plain English Civil Jury Instruction Committee

The Vermont Plain English Civil Jury Instruction Committee has drafted these instructions as models to be used for civil trials in Vermont.

They have not been adopted or approved by the Vermont Supreme Court, and there is no requirement that they be used as drafted. Judges and attorneys are encouraged to tailor their instructions to fit the circumstances of each trial with the single caveat that the purpose of these instructions has been to create effective instructions for lay juries.  Each word has been carefully considered to deliver the necessary information in a manner that avoids verbosity, legal jargon, and confusing terms of art.

Please check back for updates. The committee has no formal schedule in which to introduce more instructions but will continue working on increasing the subject library.

These instructions are posted on the VBA website for use, review, and comment. Feedback is desired and encouraged.
  Users are encouraged to submit comments or drafts of new instruction areas for the committee to consider. Please e-mail any suggestions to Daniel Richardson,, with the subject line “Plain English Committee.”


General Jury Instructions

1 04/04/08
2 10/31/07
3 01/15/08
4 10/31/07
5 11/01/07
6 11/01/07
7 11/01/07
8 10/31/07
9 10/31/07
10 02/20/08
11 11/01/07
12 01/15/08

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